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Special Weapons and Tactics

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Special Weapons and Tactics
SWAT team member, rehearsing a standoff.

The Hamilton County Special Weapons and Tactics Team responds upon the request of the Incident Commander (IC) to barricade/hostage episodes, and/or suicide intervention, as well as initiating the service of high risk warrants for all of the Department entities.

The Incident Commander shall request SWAT when at a barricaded or hostage incident when the suspect is probably armed; the suspect is believed to have been involved in a criminal act or is a significant threat to the lives and safety of the public and/or police; the suspect is in a position of advantage, affording cover and concealment or is contained in an open area and the presence or approach of police officers could precipitate an adverse reaction by the suspect; and, the suspect refuses to submit to arrest.

SWAT team member, rehearsing a standoff.

Since 2001, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons And Tactics Team (SWAT) has provided a ready response to situations that were beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained Department personnel. The need for SWAT expertise and assistance with warrant service is dependent upon: unusual circumstances beyond the capabilities of normal warrant service; heavily fortified location; weapons are present and have been used in the past; gang members are known to be present; use of diversionary tactics is anticipated; and, door and window pulls are anticipated.

SWAT team member, rehearsing a standoff.

The special weapons and tactics concept originated in the late 1960’s as a result of several sniping incidents against civilians and police officers around the country, since that time SWAT has developed into a versatile unit equipped to respond to a wide variety of critical incidents. To include the most recent challenge, Homeland Security. HCSO SWAT is actively involved in and works closely with the Homeland Security District III tactical response team comprised of multiple law enforcement agencies within our 10 county region.

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Special Weapons And Tactics
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