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What Is a School Resource Deputy?

A SRD is a member of a select group of specially-trained, veteran law enforcement officers assigned to a school on a full-time basis.

Hamilton County SRD division is patterned after the “Triad-plus Concept”, which describes the function of the SRD.

An SRD is not merely a “cop on campus.” SRDs proactively serve the schools in several ways

  • Law Enforcement - The SRD is a visible law enforcement presence on campus to deter, prevent, and respond to crime. He or she advises school officials on law-related matters, helps assess school safety needs, and serves as a vital link to other emergency personnel during critical incidents.
  • Classroom Instructor - The SRD serves as a guest classroom instructor, teaching law-related and safety-related topics which are relevant to the school’s learning goals.
  • Advisor - The SRD also serves as an informal advisor and conflict mediator to students. Students are encouraged to seek advice from the SRD so that issues can be addressed in a positive, trusting atmosphere before it develops into more serious problems.
  • Role Model - The SRD serves as a role model to students. SRDs must possess a high level of character and personal integrity and consistently display these attributes to students.
SRO in the classroom.

By fully incorporating all elements of the SRD Triad, the measurable results of SRDs are multiplied greatly and extend beyond the boundaries of the school. This is in addition to the lasting results which may never be measured except in the lives of the students they affect.

SRD Classroom Presentations include:
  • Bullying and Aggression
  • Dating Violence
  • Driving Safety
  • DUI Laws
  • Fingerprint Evidence
  • Internet Safety
  • Search & Seizure Law
  • Sex Crimes

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What an SRD is Not

A School Resource Deputy is not a classroom or administrative disciplinarian. Although he or she operates within an educational context, the SRD is a sworn, state-certified law enforcement officer governed by Constitutional, Federal, and State laws.

The SRD’s responses should be limited to law violations or safety-related incidents. School-related discipline for misbehavior or school rule violations must be left to school officials.

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SRD Selection Criteria

SRO in school hallway.

The SRD division is a specialized unit of the Sheriff’s Office. Officers must meet certain standards and complete specialized training.

  1. Must have a High School diploma or GED.
  2. Must have at least 2 years full-time law enforcement experience as a certified peace officer.
  3. Must have completed or must complete within one year after selection an approved, 40-hour basic SRD course.
  4. An associates degree or higher is preferred but not required.
  5. Must complete an interview.

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SRD Mission Statement

“We are committed to continuously moving toward excellence in becoming a model SRD Division which achieves a broad and positive impact on the safety of our schools, the welfare of our students and the quality-of-life in our communities by cultivating communication, sustaining a proactive approach and progressively applying our resources to achieve this goal.”

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Building Relationships

We operate on the premise that every student has a trusting relationship with at least one adult on campus. For many students, that person is an SRD. With that in mind, SRDs are encouraged to become involved in various student activities such as sports, clubs, and special interest groups. Many crimes have been solved and many crises averted because of strong, trusting relationships developed by School Resource Deputies.

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