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Support Services

Inmate Mail Services - Incoming mail is scanned and provided to inmates in electronic format. Inmate mail must include the inmate’s name and the sender’s name and return address.

The mailing address for non-legal inmate mail is as follows:
“Inmate Name”
Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center
PO Box 645
Lebanon, MO 65336

The mailing address for legal inmate mail is as follows:
“Inmate Name”
Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center
7609 Standifer Gap Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421

Normal size greeting cards are allowed (no oversize cards).
Maximum size for photographs is 4"x6" (no Polaroids, gang related, sexually explicit or inflammatory photographs will be accepted).
Mail containing personal checks or cash will not be accepted.

Commissary - The commissary is operated by BVE (Blind Vendor Enterprises) at www.vendengine.com. Inmates are permitted to order and purchase items from the commissary with the funds being deducted from their accounts. Items available include correspondence material, hygiene items, food products, and clothing items. Provisions are made for indigent inmates to receive basic necessities.

Food Services - Prepares and serves approximately 1,800 meals daily at an average cost of $2.98 per day per inmate. A Health Department dietician approves menus annually. Food Services also provides a variety of medical and religious diets. The kitchen’s bakery makes all bread products fresh daily. Inmate meals are delivered by “hot carts” and consumed in their living areas. Meals are prepared by inmate workers and adhere to Nationally Recommended Dietary Standards.

Health Services - The Hamilton County Jail and Erlanger Hospital have contracted to provide a comprehensive health services program. Professional medical, nursing, and health care services are provided including consultation on the preliminary screening of inmates upon arrival at the jail, a comprehensive health evaluation, sick call, nursing coverage, emergency medical care, medication administration, preventative care, ancillary services, special medical programs and diets, quality assurance program, and medical administrative support. The medical clinic is connected to the Hospital's emergency room by a Telemedicine link as well. A dentist is on site eight hours weekly to provide for dental care of inmates. Mental health services are provided by the Mental Health Cooperative

Maintenance - This service is provided by the county Maintenance Department. Two full time employees provide daily maintenance services to the facility.

Facility Inspections - Copy for T.C.I. - Fire Safety - Maintenance - Cleanliness - etc to express the administration’s concern to run a safe and secure facility.

Quartermaster - This area includes laundry, sanitation services, supply, and inmate property. Our primary concern is providing clean laundry, a clean and safe facility and concern for the security of the inmate’s property.

Disciplinary/Workforce Officer - This officer is responsible for the Inmate Disciplinary process. This includes reviewing all disciplinary reports, inmate rights advisements, conducting disciplinary hearings, briefing results of hearings to the Jail Captain, and preparing and briefing inmate appeals to the disciplinary process. He/she also reviews applications submitted by inmates requesting to participate in the Inmate Workforce Program. He/she coordinates the hiring of all inmates and their work assignments according to Classification, Medical and Case Management. This officer is actively involved in the facility training program.

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Captain John Hargis
Support Services Supervisor
7609 Standifer Gap Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421

  • Classification — responsible for determining the least restrictive custody level required for an inmate and their cell assignment.
  • Sentence Management — responsible for requesting sentence computation, processing court dockets, monitoring holds, detainers, notifications, and intra and interstate transfers.
  • Fingerprint/Identification — responsible for processing the fingerprints and disposition forms for submission to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
  • Computer Services — responsible for developing and maintaining a variety of computer networks and systems for use by the Corrections Division personnel.
  • Board Billing — responsible for computing and submitting prisoner board bills to the state and federal government for the expense of housing prisoners at the Hamilton County Jail.


Inmates committed to the Hamilton County Jail are normally classified within ten days of their committal date. Each inmate is placed into the least restrictive custody level possible. Inmate classification includes minimum, medium, medium close, and maximum custody levels. To ensure health and safety, physical separation is maintained between the following categories:

  • Adult and juvenile inmates.
    Maximum custody inmates and those who may be violent or harmful to themselves or others.
  • Special needs offenders (elderly, medical, mental health).
    Protective custody inmates.
  • Administratively as designated.


The Fingerprint/ID Section is responsible for disseminating the fingerprint packages and record copy of the arrest report to the appropriate contributing law enforcement agency for which the inmate was incarcerated. The section processes and submits all of the fingerprints and R-84 disposition forms to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office arrests.

The Live-Scan system submits the fingerprint cards to the regional Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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Marilyn Pettit
Sentence Management Supervisor
7609 Standifer Gap Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: (423) 209-7280
Fax: (423) 209-7051

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