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To search for an Open Warrant, enter either a Name, Warrant Number, or a partial Street Address, then click “Submit“.

(Example: Oak)
Note: Warrants issued prior to 01/01/2008 will not be displayed.
Open Warrant Information Online Header

Open Warrant Information Online is a free service provided by the Fugitive Division of the Sheriff's Office. To date, there are thousands of active warrants on individuals. The Fugitive Division encourages any citizen with information concerning the whereabouts or activities of any of the individuals listed therein, to submit an anonymous tip to the Sheriff's Office.

In order to provide a timely search result, try to narrow your search to an individuals full name (if possible). This will substantially increase the speed and efficiency of your search results.

Alternately, you may browse a list of all individuals with active warrants by clicking "Browse Full List"

The Open Warrant database is updated throughout the day and therefore recent changes in the status of warrants may not be reflected. It is possible that some warrants have been resolved and that the matter is no longer pending. This information is being provided as a service to law enforcement; however the HCSO cannot guarantee nor assume any liability for the accuracy of the information at the time of use. All warrants must be verified for accuracy.

Note: Warrants issued prior to 01/01/2008 will not be displayed.

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