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The Sheriffs of Hamilton County
Portrait of Sheriff James Carroll Connor

A hard working, dedicated farmer, James Carroll Connor was a pioneer to Walden Ridge and through the years earned the respect of the people of the Hamilton County community. He and his wife Keslan, a descendent of America Revolutionary soldier Philip Thurman had eight children during their lifetime. Connor served as sheriff of Hamilton County for four terms or eight years between 1848 and 1856.

In 1856, after his last term of office, Connor bought the widely used thoroughfare, the Old Anderson Turnpike. The old Connor homestead, built in 1859, is a two-story double log building and a landmark to the Walden Ridge area.

Known for his resourcefulness and ingenuity, one instance of his stalwart character took place during Union occupation of the Hamilton County area. As the Hamilton County region was surrounded by the devastation of war, the economy began to sink. To ease his own economic position, Connor took the initiative to plant watermelons on his land where Union soldiers had earlier corralled mules and horses. He then sold the ripe melons to the Union soldiers, who welcomed a variety from their normal army portions. James Carroll Connor died in 1873 at the age of 57.

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