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The Sheriffs of Hamilton County
Portrait of Sheriff Charles Champion

Harrison resident Charles Champion, was born In 1831. During the Civil War, he served as a 1st Lieutenant in the 36th Infantry of the Confederate Army. After the war, he returned to his work as a farmer until he ran as the Republican candidate for sheriff of Hamilton County in 1874. Champion served two terms as sheriff, from 1874 until 1878, after which he went back to farming.

Champion did not leave behind a strong mark as sheriff. He is best remembered for the escape of Mat Taylor. Taylor, a malicious lad from a prominent family, stirred the city with his pranks and destruction. Police arrested Taylor after he feloniously assaulted the marshall. At one point during the trial, Sheriff Champion (the only officer in court) opened the court window to call upon witnesses, and Taylor escaped through the door of the old house at Market and Fourth Streets. Taylor was later arrested and charged for the murder of Dr. Moss of Walden Ridge.

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