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The Sheriffs of Hamilton County
Portrait of Sheriff Azariah Shelton

Azariah Shelton was a native of Hamilton County who will long be remembered for his four decades of public service and monumental work in education. His service to Hamilton County began in 1878 when he was elected county superintendent of public instruction. During his four-year term as school superintendent, he built thirty-two county school buildings and helped to organize the first Teachers Institution. These achievements marked Shelton as a pioneer school builder.

Over his forty-two year career as a public servant, Shelton held various offices for county government. He was elected sheriff of Hamilton County in 1888 and served until 1890. After completing his two-year term as sheriff he served as county court clerk until 1894 when he became the county representative in the state legislature. From 1900 to 1904, Shelton served as superintendent of the county poorhouse and then became chief deputy tax assessor until 1920.

In 1920, at age 73, Shelton was designated as dean of local men in public service.

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