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Narcotic Arrests
Date: 06/17/2009
Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies, Henry Ritter and Michael Thompson conducted a traffic stop today at 1:30pm in the 600 block of North Moore Road. The 1985 Pontiac was occupied by Jovan Priest age 31 and Kevin Short age 38.

During the traffic stop a K-9 alerted on the vehicle and a subsequent search led to the recovery of a Felony amount of suspected Marijuana and a large sum of cash. During the search of the vehicle, Kevin Short attempted to escape and a Taser was used. He was given medical attention and both Short and Priest were transported to the Hamilton County Jail.

Both Short and Priest are charged with Possession of Marijuana for Resale and Short will also be charged with Evading.

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