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HCSO Advises Public of Potential Postal Scam


The HCSO has been made aware of a unique scam that deals particularly with the sending and receiving of packages, according to information received from the United States Postal Office.

According to information from the U.S. Post Office website (link below), people who have submitted their resumes online are sought out by scammers offering to give them part time work allowing them to “work from home.” The victim then receives packages in the mail, opens them, and then reships them to a completely different name and address, sometimes overseas. The items in the package are either items purchased with stolen credit cards or they contain fraudulent money orders. This scam victimizes two people, the owner of the credit card AND the individual that thinks they are working a legitimate job.

Here is a the link from the Post Office.


Anyone receiving any suspicious packages or asked to send packages on behalf of another individual or company, should contact their local post office.

For more information, please speak to your local Post Office representative or visit the official U.S. Post Office website at


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