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HUPDATED INFORMATION: CSO Issues Immediate Statement on School Clown Threat


HCSO Makes Arrests Regarding Clown Threat on Red Bank Middle and High Schools

Hamilton County, TN – Approximately one hour ago, two juvenile Red Bank Middle School students (both male) were charged by the HCSO for making online threats against a schools via social media. These threats were directed to Red Bank High and Red Bank Middle Schools. The threats were first reported last night to local authorities.

A joint investigation between the HCSO, Red Bank Police Department, and administrators with the HCDE, led to the discovery of these two students based off information they received as being responsible for the clown threat made against Red Bank Middle and High Schools.

As a result, the two students will be charged as juveniles and have been released to their parents’ custody pending further action by the juvenile court.

Both are being charged with disorderly conduct and conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct.

One of the students will also be charged with felonious filing of a false report.

All electronic devices operated by the two students have been seized as evidence.

This concludes the criminal investigation into this incident by the HCSO.

No further information is available at this time regarding the investigation or to the nature of the two juvenile students.

Original Release

Hamilton County, TN – Last night, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office received information from the Red Bank Police Department that an unidentified threat had been made stating that a clown would shoot up either Red Bank Middle or Red Bank High School. Several students received messages on their cell phones via social media.

HCSO School Resource Officers, Patrol and Criminal Investigations personnel immediately began to assess the threat and found the threat to be unfounded. HCDE Personnel were also notified. Even with this threat, without creditable evidence, normal school hours have been maintained.

Due to the recent national events, especially those regarding incidents with dangerous clowns, the HCSO will respond appropriately to anyone dressed as a clown and acting or purporting to act in a dangerous or threatening manner. Furthermore, the HCSO takes any and all threats seriously and will not only investigate any threat made, but will also prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any juvenile or adult threating the lives of children or caught trying to disrupt the daily activities of local businesses, schools, or public spaces. This also includes false reporting of incidents and sightings.

“Our nation is experiencing tremendous cause to be concerned over a variety of issues. With prior incidents involving clowns in other states, I want to make it very clear that we will not tolerate people in our community dressing up as clowns and threatening our children or their safety…” stated Hamilton County Sheriff Hammond. “I want to encourage parents to speak with their children and let them know that it is not a joke to threaten their classmates or their school and there are legal repercussions for those who do.”

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