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Best Beginnings Day Care Offers Support for HCSO


Hamilton County, TN – Last Friday, July 22nd, Sheriff Jim Hammond, Chief Deputy Allen Branum, and several HCSO personnel visited Best Beginnings Day Care to accept a generous donation of food, snacks, and bottled water from the kids and their families as a show of support for local law enforcement.

The fundraising drive, led by Alexandra Kemmet, focused on gathering donations of things HCSO law enforcement personnel could easily keep with them while patrolling our county’s streets.

Amazingly, over 1000 bottles of water and over 200 pounds of food and snacks were generously donated by the kids and their families. The items will be divided up this week and will be delivered to the East and West Annexes for our personnel to enjoy.

Those in attendance also received individual cards and drawings from the kids in support of law enforcement. The kids enjoyed visiting with HCSO personnel and even got to climb in one of our new patrol units and turn on the lights and siren!

Altogether, it was a fantastic event and the HCSO wishes to thank the kids and families of Best Beginnings Day Care for their support of law enforcement and generosity.

Special thanks to Lieutenant Shaun Shepherd and Sergeants’ Paul Maupin and Eric Merkle for their participation.

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