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HCSO Reports Successful Results from 2015 Holiday "Booze-It and Lose It"


Hamilton County, TN - The HCSO would like to announce the successful results of our 2015 Holiday "Booze-It and Lose-It" Campaign which resulted in the following violation/warnings/arrests and was in coordination with the Governor’' Highway Safety Office.

Patrol and Traffic Deputies focused on a variety of infractions including driver speed, DUI, seat-belt law, etc. Below is a breakdown of the violations/warnings and arrests which were made.

• (43) Traffic citations and (18) warnings were issued

• (5) DUI Arrests

• (2) People were arrested due to excessive speeding

• (2) People were arrested for reckless driving

• (6) Citations and (7) warnings were issued for disregard to signs and/or signals

• (10) People were arrested for driving on a revoked license

• (10) People were arrested for breaking the seatbelt law

• (12) Citations, (10) warnings, and (2) arrests were issued for vehicle registration violation

• (1) Arrest was made for a violation of the Open Container Law

• (15) Citations and (3) arrests were issued for drivers without insurance

• (15) Arrests were made for misdemeanor drug charges

• (1) Felony Drug Arrest was made

• (4) Additional misc. arrests were made

Hamilton County Sheriff Personnel will be available for comment today (1/22/2016)from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. For an interview appointment, please contact J. Matt Lea at 423-994-3756

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