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Updated Road Condition Report - Some Roads Have Been Closed


Hamilton County, TN - The following road information has been given to the HCSO via the Hamilton County 911 Center.

Exercise caution when travelling over bridges and overpasses.

Please note, roads listed under "Roads Reported to Have Icy Conditions" have not been closed as of yet, but have been reported to the 911 Center as having several areas of ice, black ice, or icy conditions.

Please use caution if driving these roads or avoid them completely if possible.

Road Closures

• Roberts Mill Road

• W Road

• Highway 111 (On the Sequatchie County Side is Closed)

• Shoal Creek

Roads Reported to Have Icy Conditions

(Not Closed as of 1:00 pm Today)

• Signal Mountain Road at the top of the Mountain

• Veterans Bridge

• Riverfront Street before Ross’ Landing, in between Chestnut and Houston (Extremely Icy)

• Ashland Terrace into Red Bank (Extremely Icy)

• Highway 153 at Highway 58 (Overpass is icy)

• Ringgold Road over 75 (Icy)

• Bridge over Spring Creek Road (Icy)

• 2300-3000 block of Ooltewah Ringgold (Lots of Ice)

• 100 Forsythe Street

• Highway 27 at Highway 153 (Extremely icy)

• Olgiati Bridge

• Eastridge Trail

• 100 W 4th at Broad

• 5400 Hunter Road

• 9800 Lee Highway

• 1800 Dupont Parkway

• 6600 Fairview Road

• 4600 Norcross Road

• Signal Mountain Blvd

• Poe Road

• Dupont Parkway

• All of the bridges on Highway 27

• 4809 Sawyer Road Area

• 212 Browntown Road Area

• Exit ramp from Hamilton Place Mall to 75 South

• Old Lee Highway from Farmer Road to Little Debbie Parkway Area

• 2100 Gold Point Circle South area

• 1700 Gold Point Circle North area

• Dupont Parkway

• North Access Road

• Boy Scout Road Middle Valley Road

• Highway 27 NB & SB at Harrison Lane

• Big Ridge Road (Expect Icy Conditions)

• Hixson Pike at Big Ridge Road (Expect Ice)

• Montlake Road (Expect Icy Conditions)

• Canyon Park Trailer Park at 10,700 Canyon Circle is so icy, you can only access it with a 4 wheel drive per Dallas Bay VFD

• Hixson Pike at Chimney Hills (Extremely Icy)

• 13430 Birchwood Pike in front of the Fire Hall

• Highway 153 SB at Boy Scout Road is Icy

• Highway 58 in front of Hwy 58 fire Department (5402 Hwy 58) is extremely Icy

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