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Significant Road Closures in Hamilton County


Road Closures in Hamilton County

(Significant Falling Water Community Road Closures at this Time)

Hamilton County, TN - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office officials are reporting significant water over the roadways in parts of Falling Water, Tennessee and northern Hamilton County.

The Falling Water community (just off Dayton Pike), has numerous roads completely impassable at this time due to water over the roadways. Falling Water residents are encouraged to stay off the roadways and not to travel unless they have a direct and safe route. As of now, the only safe route into Falling Water (at this time) is Dayton Pike to Jackson Road to Higgins Road to Selcer Road to Roberts Mill Road.

Roberts Mill Road from the bottom gate to the top gate leading to Signal Mountain is closed due to parts of the road having been washed out.

Roberts Mill Road between Dayton Pike and Levi Road is completely impassable at this time.

Jackson Road north of Roberts Mill Road is completely impassable at this time.

There is also significant water over the roadway near McGill Road and Skip Lane as well as parts of Hale Road.

Residents will also find significant closures on Signal Mountain Road and the “W” Road is highly congested at this time.

Please note that water levels in some areas may fluctuate as rains continue and water runoff continues to seek low lying areas.

If water is seen over a roadway, residents should not attempt to drive across roadways. Please make sure to obey all road closure signs posted.

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