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Jail Visitation Registration Has Begun


Hamilton County Jail Prepares for Initiation of Video Visitation for Inmates and Family

Pre-Registration Has Begun

Hamilton County, TN - The Hamilton County Jail, operated by the HCSO, is now one of many facilities nationally and within the state that utilizes video visitation technology to help family and friends stay connected locally, out of state, or in remote areas with their incarcerated loved one or friend.

Video Visitation will be officially unveiled at a press conference on November 16th by Hamilton County Sheriff, Jim Hammond. However, in the meantime, any residents or interested parties who wish to utilize this new service to keep in contact with inmates will need to complete the process of pre-registering online at the website listed below.

Users may create an account and pre-register at https://securustech.net/friends.

All visitations require registration for an account to be issued with a valid email address, government issued photo-identification, and must include a photo (taken by a webcam). Visits can start within 24 hours after setting up the account once the system goes live on November 10th. The formal announcement, press conference, and media event will take place on Monday, November 16th at 9:30 am.

There are two options for those who wish to participate in video visitation:

Onsite - (2) 30 minute visits per week (No Cost)

• Visitation will be conducted through secure monitors with inmate

• Currently children 14+ are allowed

• All equipment to schedule and have visit will be in HCSO Justice Building lobby.

Remote - Unlimited number of visits with as many visitors as they would like to share for random visits, holidays, birthdays, and family gatherings, etc.

• Babies, toddlers and children of all ages can visit

• Requires PC with Windows or Mac operating system

• High –speed Internet access

• Webcam

Pricing for remote visits

• Onsite visits are of no cost (All users still must register online)

• $15 per 30 minutes for remote visitation

(Users are charged $15 per 30 minute visitation whether the entire time is used or not)

• Promotional Pricing of $5 for 30 min remote sessions for the 1st 2 months.

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