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HCSO Hosts Crime Prevention & Personal Protection Lecture for UNUM Employee



Hamilton County, TN - On Thursday, October 8th, the HCSO Training Division hosted a Crime Prevention and Personal Protection Lecture for one of Hamilton County's largest employers, UNUM.

Each week, UNUM hosts various free informational sessions during lunch for their employees to take advantage of and learn about various topics of interest.

Today's lecture, taught by HCSO Lt. Jody Mays, focused on various steps that can be taken to help promote a safe culture and environment for employees and their families. Also presented were modules on how to reduce their areas of personal risk, the reality of crime and

how "not" to be a victim, firearm safety and proper storage, the castle doctrine, and preventing theft, fraud, and cyber fraud. The definitions of burglary, theft, robbery, assault, auto theft, and car-jacking were also discussed in order to clarify the difference between the crimes.

Employees received various free promotional material from the HCSO regarding preparing for natural disasters, terrorism, and other useful information to help stay safe and secure.

Special thanks to Lieutenant Jody Mays and Deputy Blake Kilpatrick for their time and efforts to make sure this training was beneficial to those in attendance.

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