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Sheriff Orders Investigation after Evidence Found at Deputies Home


Sheriff Orders Investigation after Evidence Found at Deputies Home after Eviction

On Wednesday, September 2, 2015, the HCSO Civil Process Department received a court order for a set-out (eviction) of an employee of the Sheriff’s Office at 7920 North Dent Road.

The property of the set out belonged to a member of the HSCO. The owner of the property is also employed by the HCSO.

During the set-out, case information and packages, which also included an envelope containing a very small amount of suspect of marijuana, were found and were collected by the HCSO and taken and properly secured in the evidence storage room until further review. Sheriff Hammond has instructed Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation concerning the property collected.

The set-out order has been executed and the property has been remanded back to the custody of the original owner, which as stated above, is an employee of the HCSO.

Sheriff Hammond has been briefed on the situation and has asked for a full investigation.

No further information will be released by the HCSO until the full IA investigation is complete.

The current decision of status of the employee has yet to be determined.

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