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HCSO Comments on Sessions Court Disturbance


Hamilton County, TN - On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, Hamilton County Sessions Court experienced a minor altercation between two inmates in custody while attending a pre-hearing. The inmates involved were Antwon Devon Lee and Eric McCullough.

During the pre-hearing, inmate Antwon Devon Lee was asked to approach Judge Gary Starnes' bench to testify against inmate Eric McCullough. It was at this time, inmate Antwon Lee stepped towards Mr. McCullough striking him in the head. At this point, court officers quickly subdued Mr. Lee and safely removed him and Mr. McCullough from the courtroom.

After this event, the Hamilton County Jail was placed on lockdown as a security precaution. Mr. McCullough has been placed in segregation since he arrived at the Hamilton County Jail and will remain in segregation until further notice.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond stated, "It is unfortunate that this incident occurred and I have requested a full and complete investigation."

Mr. McCullough has requested the HCSO to pursue additional charges against Mr. Lee for his assault during the pre-hearing.

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