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HCSO Personnel Participate in "Stop the Madness" Event


Hamilton County, TN - On Tuesday night, June 30, 2015, in coordination with the Chattanooga Police Department, HCSO Chief Deputy Allen Branum, Captain Charles Lowery, Jr., Corrections Deputy, Charles Lowery, III, Lt. Van Hinton, and Corrections Deputy, Jessica White, served as panelists in a youth event sponsored by the "Stop the Madness National, Inc."

The goal of the event was to discuss law enforcement’s role in the community and offer at-risk youth guidance when interacting with law enforcement. The panelists were asked questions from the audience on a variety of topics including their day-to-day activities, how they became law enforcement personnel, and ways they can grow up to be productive and respectful members of society.

"Stop the Madness" is a national youth program founded in 1992 by Pastor Dr. Ternae Jordan, Sr., as a means to end senseless acts of violence in communities by offering positive alternatives to negative behavior for young people. The program offers school-based, after-school, and community programs centered around a faith-based approach.

Events like this are paramount to helping negate the national media’s continuing "negative" perspective of law enforcement.

If you would like more information about the "Stop the Madness" program, please visit: http://www.stmnational.org/home.html

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