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Summer Thefts and Vandalism Advisory Notice


Hamilton County, TN - Now that summer has arrived, it is important to remind the residents of Hamilton County to be mindful of warm weather thefts and vandalism.

During the summer months, residents should take extra precautions when storing their belongs and their property including, but certainly not limited to, lawnmowers, lawn equipment, BBQ grills, bicycles, boats, boating suppliers, ATVs, motorcycles, and unsecured children's toys.

Furthermore, homeowners should always check to make sure their doors, windows, and cars are locked at all times. Homeowners with garage doors should always make sure they are closed and secured. Please do not leave valuables in your car or in plain view such as wallets, garage door remotes, keys, cell phones, cash, computers, or any other electronic devices. Make sure you keep a written record of all the serial numbers of important items that could be stolen to aid in the recovery efforts.

It is important for home and property owners to routinely check to make sure you, your family, and your personal property are protected from theft, vandalism, or crimes of opportunity.


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