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RE: Arrest of Ryan Epperson: County Jail Employee


Sheriff Hammond has ordered a full internal affairs investigation into this incident. After Epperson's arrest by the Chattanooga Police Department, he was immediately suspended by the Sheriff. Sheriff Hammond said "That is our agency's policy; to give the employee his day in court first, where they can be found innocent or guilty. If this employee is found guilty of any of his charges," said Hammond, "he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Chief Allen Branum said, "We just don't tolerate this kind of behavior by any of our employees who have betrayed the public's trust in them."

Sheriff Hammond said the Sheriff's Office employs over 400 full-time, part-time employees as well as volunteers and reminds the public that the vast majority of his employees are outstanding men and women who protect and serve our citizens with complete dedication.

At this time, Epperson faces at least six drug offenses, one count of Impersonation of a Licensed Professional, two counts of Theft of Property, two counts of Vandalism and one count of Criminal Trespassing.

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