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Derrick Wilkerson Arrested on ICE Charges


On 03/27/2015, at approximately 1:16 a.m., Deputy Andrew Standifer was following behind a maroon Toyota with a Kentucky tag of 125DNC, in the 13400 block of Dayton Pike. The registration returned stating that the vehicle's plate was cancelled for failure to maintain insurance.

Before Deputy Standifer could conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, it pulled into a BP gas station. Deputy Standifer pulled across the street into a vacant lot and observed a black male exit the driver's seat. He entered the store and exited after a green Suburban pulled up next to his car.

Deputy Standifer observed an exchange in the vehicle as the suspect entered the Suburban's front passenger seat. He also observed a white female in the Toyota's passenger seat. The suspect male then exited the Suburban and re-entered his own vehicle. After a moment, he then re-entered the passenger seat of the Suburban. The white female switched to the driver's side of the Toyota.

Both vehicles exited the gas station parking lot and proceeded south on Dayton Pike. Deputy Standifer stopped the Suburban in the 13100 block for an unlawful display of registration and also to investigate the reason for the suspect male operating the maroon Toyota with the cancelled plate for no proof of insurance. Deputy Trista Rice assisted and subsequently stopped the maroon Toyota that the white female was now driving in the same block range.

Contact with the occupants of the Suburban was made and Deputy Standifer identified the black male passenger as Derrick Wilkerson. He presented an identification only card and it was learned that his license was revoked. During a consensual search of his person, Deputy Standifer located a folded one dollar bill in his third pants pocket. Inside the folded bill was a white crystalized substance with the distinct look of ice methamphetamine. As the search continued, an Aleve brand pain reliever container fell out from his pants leg. Located inside were; three 15mg Oxymorphone pills (Schedule II), one 325mg Acetaminophen and Oxycodone pill (Schedule II), and a half 15mg Oxycodone pill (Schedule II).

The suspect advised that there was a hypodermic syringe next to his seat that he had removed from his pocket upon being stopped. Next to his seat was an uncapped syringe that appeared to have been previously used.

Derrick Wilkerson was placed into custody. He was also found to have an active criminal court warrant for Possession of Cocaine for Resale and another warrant out of Soddy Daisy. He was transported to the Hamilton County Jail without incident and charged with Driving on a Revoked License. He is also charged with Possession of Ice Methamphetamine, three counts of Possession of Controlled Substance, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The evidence will be placed into Sheriff's Office Property in accordance with Policy and Procedure.

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