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Fire Call at 5828 Rocky Branch Road
Date: 01/08/2014
Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

A fire call was received this morning at approximately 10:12 a.m. at 5828 Rocky Branch Road (Walden) on Signal Mountain. The complainant advised 911 a kerosene heater exploded in the garage area of the home. Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Deputy David McCann was dispatched to the scene and arrived just before Walden Ridge Volunteer Fire Department.

Deputy McCann observed the homeowner trying to drag the heater outside to the driveway and away from the home. Deputy McCann used a fire extinguisher he carries as part of his equipment to put the fire out. Walden Ridge Volunteer Fire Department checked the home for further damage while Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services checked the homeowner, who suffered a flash burn on his arm from the initial fire.

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