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HCDE Risk Assessment of Schools


Due to the recent incidents of violence reported nationwide involving school campuses, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office recently met with School Superintendent Rick Smith to discuss the safety and security of the current campuses for the HCDE system. The Risk Assessment Data Collection Form was created by Sgt. Eric Merkle (SRO supervisor) and will collect data in the areas of the physical plant, staff development, and procedural methods utilized in training the teachers and support staff. This is for crime prevention, fire and security safety measures as well as environmental design of the facility.

It was requested that all schools within the public school district be assessed and will be done through a team effort of several SROs and facilitated by Sgt. Merkle. The finish date has been targeted for August 2013, prior to the new school term beginning. The collected data will be conformed to a final report and shared with each school principal and HCDE Assistant Superintendent Lee McDade. The report will make recommendations for the school system to consider changing, improving, or updating. This is intended to help provide tools for the school district to utilize as methods for increasing the safety and security of our area school campuses and the children who attend these schools.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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