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Howard Middle students charged with Assault


The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office SRO arrested a female student today at Howard Middle school for assaulting a teacher. Two female students became involved in a physical altercation while in the classroom. The teacher attempted to intervene between the two girls. While one girl stopped her actions the other turned her aggression towards the teacher hitting her numerous times. A teacher from another classroom came into the room to assist the first and pulled the girl away to prevent her from continuing the attack. The student then assaulted that teacher as well. A juvenile male student, brother of the girl grabbed the second teacher and threw her away from his sister. The first teacher went to an area hospital for possible injuries she received during the assault.

A petition was filed for Assault on the juvenile male student; a petition for Disorderly Conduct was filed for the first juvenile female student on the original fighting incident; the last juvenile female student was arrested and transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center for Disorderly Conduct as a result of her continued behavior in the hallways and office of the school. She was also charged by petition with a second count of Disorderly Conduct for the fight, and two counts of Assault on the teachers.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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