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Scam Artist Working in Hamilton County


The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is requesting assistance from the media regarding a scam that has been reported to law enforcement over the last several days.

Deputies have taken reports from citizens reporting they have received a phone call from a party who states he is with the Publishers Clearing House. The caller will then tell them they have won a vehicle and they should go to an area Wal Mart and purchase a Green Dot Card in the amount of $399.00. They are then directed to call the phone number back and give him the Green Dot Card number and receive information on how to get the new car. He purposely advises the citizen during the conversation he does not want any of their personal information in order to put them at ease.

This is a scam involving individuals who are located overseas and local law enforcement cannot pursue anyone for criminal charges. If a citizen receives one of these calls, please hang up and do not send money.

Please be aware the phone numbers that have been used are as follows: 1-886-280-7400 and 1-876-580-7109 and the man identifies himself as Damien Clark. These numbers have been traced back to Jamaica.

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