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Press Release

Hamilton County Jail Passes Certification


The Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) arrived at the Hamilton County Jail yesterday morning for their yearly jail inspection. The date and time of this inspection was not known to the jail personnel before hand. The inspection takes approximately one full day to complete with all jail records also being made available for examination.

One of the main concerns for the jail is always the inmate count and the plan to prevent jail overcrowding. The addition of the new 128-bed unit at Silverdale-CCA along with County Mayor Ramsey’s and Sheriff Hammond’s diligence and coordinated efforts made it possible to transfer approximately fifty (50) pre-trial inmates to ease potential overcrowding.

TCI certification also insures that proper medical care and hygiene items are provided to inmates. Also, it inspects the condition of the jail building and insures that it is clean and sanitary.

Mayor Ramsey and Sheriff Hammond were pleased at TCI’s response since the inspection and subsequent certification validate that the Hamilton County Jail has met all standards set by the Tennessee Corrections Institute.

Sheriff Hammond would also like to thank Deputy-Chief Richard Shockley and the Corrections staff for their dedication and hard work to accomplish this certification.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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