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Information Update on Traffic Fatality on Fairveiw Road


The following information is an update regarding the reconstruction of the crash that occurred on February 10, 2011 at 6500 Fairview Road involving two fatalities.

The scientific calculations found that the center mass of the Mercury was traveling at least 57.41 to 61.71 mph at the time it left a critical speed yaw mark that was found on the scene. The reconstruction also found that Mr. Katafias was the driver and that contributing factors to the crash were Mr. Katafias high rate of speed, his failure to safely negotiate the curve and hillcrest, the fact he over-corrected resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle and that he disregarded several warnings and a speed limit. Any driver distractions are unknown at the time of this report. There were no mechanical issues with the Mercury that were found to have contributed to the crash. Roadway design or surface condition were not a factor in this crash.

There was no evidence of intoxication on the part of Mr. Katafias. Blood tests are still pending at the time of this release.

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