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Three Arrested at Howard High School
Date: 10/08/2008
Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:00 p.m. at the close of the school day, three males were noticed by a teacher loitering around the front of Howard school. The teacher notified the Assistant Principal who then called the School Resource Officers. When approached by the School Resource Officer the males ran across the street from the school campus to a vehicle. The parties then circled the school campus and left but returned to drive around the campus again.

The School Resource Officer stopped the vehicle and from this found the driver to have a loaded weapon. He admitted that the weapon belonged to him and at that time was arrested and charged with Felony Possession of a Weapon on School Property and Criminal Trespass. The other two males involved were charged with Criminal Trespass.

The three males were not students at Howard School.

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