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Crime Tips for the Elderly



The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the highest quality of police services by partnering with the citizens of our community. The Sheriff’s Office is in the business of keeping the general public safe, but as the amount of crime continues to increase all over Hamilton County, it is important for everyone to have at least a basic knowledge about safety.

Criminals are always looking for new targets, and they prefer people who seem to be weak, timid and unable to defend themselves. Crime and the fear of crime create special problems for the elderly. Understanding the nature of the problem and knowing what to do to avoid being a victim of crime can help you.

Below are listed some ideas and commonsense advice.

1. Use Direct Deposit with your bank.

2. Never open your door automatically. Use an optical viewer.

3. Don’t leave notes on your door when going out.

4. Leave lights on when going out at night or use a timer.

5. Don’t place keys under a doormat.

6. Notify your neighbors or police when you will be out of town, cancel newspapers and mail or have a neighbor pick up for you if possible.

7. Be suspicious of unsolicited offers to make repairs to your home and only deal with reputable businesses.

8. Don’t hesitate to report crime or suspicious activities.

Getting older does not mean you will become a victim of a crime, but taking precautions is one key to prevention.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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