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Crime Prevention Tips


The most common threat to our home is burglary and the definition of burglary is a non-confrontational property crime that occurs when we are not home. However, this can leave us feeling vulnerable and violated. Now that our economy has placed people out of work and struggling to support and provide for their families, theft crimes have risen.

There are steps to take that can either stop or make it hard for people who are inclined commit these types of crime. Everyone can make use of motion lights and burglar alarms but most steps to prevent thefts or locate stolen property are common sense.

Do not leave valuable property or electronic equipment in plain view inside your parked vehicle. You may feel safe parking your vehicle in the driveway of your home but don’t forget to lock the door. It is also important to either photograph or video all the valuables inside your home, and then secure the information in a safe place. This important documentation to record the brand name and serial number on each item would help in recovery in the event of a theft.

It is also extremely helpful to engrave your drivers’ license number on each piece of electronic equipment. This is to assist in identifying the property and help law enforcement to track the property and return it back to the rightful owner. Also photograph all pieces of jewelry to help in identifying unique designs.

These are just a few of the things we can do to prevent being a victim of theft or getting our property returned in the event of a theft.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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