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HCSO Investigation Disrupts Smuggling Conspiracy


For Immediate Release: May 3, 2024

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Disrupts Smuggling Conspiracy Into the Hamilton County Jail

Hamilton County, TN - In a joint investigation between Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Services and Hamilton County Corrections Services, an organized attempt to smuggle contraband into the Hamilton County Jail has been successfully disrupted, contraband seized, and five suspects arrested and charged.

This operation, uncovered through a comprehensive investigation, revealed a conspiracy responsible for smuggling illegal contraband into the jail. The items seized included 12 wrapped bundles of suspected blue Fentanyl, 6 Suboxone strips, 35 strips of Toon Paper (papers laced with THC), some blue powder suspected to be Fentanyl, and approximately 20 blue Fentanyl pills. 

The individuals involved in the smuggling conspiracy were found to have intentionally bonded a subject out of jail with the intent of having him rearrested, at which time he would then smuggle the contraband into the facility. Upon this subject being bonded out and then intentionally rearrested he introduced the contraband into the facility, which was intercepted by Corrections Security personnel.

" We take the safety and security of our facility seriously. This incident underscores the constant threat posed by those seeking to undermine our efforts to maintain a secure environment. I am grateful for the collaborative efforts of our Criminal Investigations and Corrections Services personnel to successfully disrupt this smuggling operation. Their unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of the facility has undoubtedly averted potential risks and safeguarded the well-being of inmates and staff alike,” stated Sheriff Austin Garrett.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining strict security measures to prevent contraband from being introduced into our facility.

The following suspects were arrested by Hamilton County Criminal Warrants Detectives:

Brian Stone, Diamond Smith, Kelsey Gray, Justin Finley, and Wendy Hughes. They are being charged with:

• Conspiracy to Introduce Contraband into a Penal Facility

• Possession of Fentanyl for Resale

• Possession of Suboxone for Resale

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