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Message from Sheriff Austin Garrett Regarding Former Deputy Daniel Wilkey


“In 2019, Daniel Wilkey was charged with (44) criminal charges stemming from his role as a deputy with the HCSO. At that time, the HCSO notified the P.O.S.T. Commission, and, along with that notification, requested Wilkey be decertified given his charges and alleged conduct.

In May 2023, all (44) criminal charges against Daniel Wilkey were dismissed in the Criminal Court of Hamilton County. Due to the dismissal of all his charges, the HCSO no longer wishes to pursue his decertification. However, Daniel Wilkey has not been employed by the HCSO since December 27, 2019 and is not eligible for re-hire with this agency.

It is important to note, Daniel Wilkey has not been employed by a law enforcement agency since December 27, 2019 and subsequently has not completed any in-service accredited training since November 2018. Therefore, at this time, under Tennessee P.O.S.T. Commission rules, his certification is inactive. In order for him to regain certification, should P.O.S.T. decide to grant recertification, Wilkey would have to be hired by a law enforcement agency, submit an application to P.O.S.T. requesting to activate his certification, and attend a transition academy approved by the Tennessee P.O.S.T. Commission.”

- Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett

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