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HCSO Responds to Attempted Car-Jacking & Kidnapping in Middle Valley


HCSO Respond to Reported Attempted Kidnapping and Car-Jacking on Middle Valley Road

Hamilton County, TN - On Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 2:40 pm, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to 6923 Middle Valley Road on a reported individual trying to take a woman’s car. While responding to the scene dispatch advised there was a child in the vehicle. Prior to arriving on scene, dispatch advised that the victim had been able to get away and would be waiting in her vehicle at a store further away.

Once deputies made contact with a female victim, she advised she did not know the suspect and the incident was entirely random. The victim further advised she had grabbed a few items at the Dollar General Store located at 6923 Middle Valley Road. While returning to the vehicle a white male attempted to access the passenger side of the vehicle where the victims 13-year-old son was sitting.

The victim began to yell and scream at the suspect who appeared to be trying to get her son out of the vehicle. The suspect then turned and began to chase the victim who was able to get back into the vehicle before the suspect was able to get in the car.

The victim then drove to a gas station near the Dollar General Store to call 911. While attempting to get into the gas station parking lot to speak with dispatchers, the suspect again charged towards the vehicle and attempted to open the door. The victim was able to get away and then drove to another gas station to await deputies responding to her location.

The victim was able to provide a description of the suspect to deputies. Shortly thereafter, deputies located a white male in the vicinity matching the description given by the victim. When deputies attempted to speak with the suspect, he refused to cooperate with deputies.

The suspect was placed in custody and transported to the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center. Once at the Hamilton Jail, deputies were able to confirm the suspect’s identity as Christopher Coleman via finger printing. Christopher Coleman has been charged with Aggravated Kidnaping and Carjacking.

Please note, this is one of two separate car-jackings the HCSO is investigating that occurred today and at this time, based on the preliminary investigations of both incidents, neither appear to be related at this time.

As this incident remains under investigation, no further details are available.

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