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HCSO School Resource Deputy Responds to Student Assault at HMS


HCSO School Resource Deputy Responds to Student Assault at Hixson Middle School

Hamilton County, TN - On March 24, 2023, the School Resource Deputy (SRD) assigned to Hixson Middle School was requested to respond to the school’s office and was advised two students had been in an assault in the upstairs hallway of the seventh grade during class change at approximately 11:20 am.

The SRD made contact with the suspect and the student advised there had been an ongoing argument on social media with the student victim for several days. The suspect further stated that when the victim was seen in the hallway, the student decided to assault the victim.

The SRD then made contact with the victim at the nurse’s station where the student had been relocated to receive medical attention from the injuries sustained in the earlier assault. The victim advised there had been an ongoing argument on social media with the suspect. The victim further noted the suspect had made several threats to cause bodily harm to the victim on social media.

At that time, the SRD requested the parents of both students respond to the school.

The SRD reviewed the video from the incident and after review, it was determined that the suspect saw the victim walking down the hallway, came up behind them, and punched the victim with closed fist in the face area and from behind. The victim attempted to get away and the suspect continued to strike the victim from behind until several teachers arrived and broke up the fight. The suspect’s actions drawled a large crowd of students inciting this altercation.

Upon arriving at the school, the mother of the victim requested HCEMS to respond to the school to check her child’s injuries. The victim exhibited redness and bruising all over the face and was complaining of a jaw injury. The victim’s mother made the decision to transport the child via personal car to a local hospital for further medical review.

The suspect student will be charged with Simple Assault (TCA 9-13-301) via the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

As this pertains to a juvenile, no further details are available.

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