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Lock down at Brainerd High


There was a lock down at Brainerd High School earlier today stemming from an incident that occurred when an unknown party in a vehicle following behind a school bus enroute to Brainerd High, pointed a weapon at the bus.

When the bus arrived at the school a report was made to the School Resource Officer that a student possibly had a weapon and at that time the principal made the decision to do a lock down. The SRO’s and other Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office personnel assisted school personnel in the search of classrooms and students.

The result of the search was one male student found to have an unloaded 25 .cal semi automatic handgun in his backpack. He was transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with Carrying a Weapon on School Property. One male and one female student were found to have in their possession large folding pocket knives. They both were released to their parents and petitions will be filed through Hamilton County Juvenile Court for Carrying Weapons on School Property. Another female student was found to have a pair of brass knuckles in her possession and she was released to her parents and a petition will be filed in the Hamilton County Juvenile Court for Carrying a Weapon on School Property.

The search went smoothly with no further reported problems.

Janice Atkinson
Public Information Officer
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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