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HCSO Conducts Tour of Silverdale for Hamilton County Commission


Hamilton County, TN – Earlier this afternoon, Sheriff Austin Garrett, Chief of Staff Ron Bernard, and Deputy Chief of Corrections Shaun Shepherd, facilitated a tour of the Silverdale Detention Center that included both the current facility and the new Phase One construction project for (5) members of the Hamilton County Commission.

Due to size limitations, the decision was made to tour the Commission members through the facility in two groups. The remaining commission members who were not present today will tour the facility next Friday.

The Hamilton County Commissioners who toured Silverdale today were as follows:

• Commissioner Greg Beck

• Commissioner Mike Chauncey

• Commissioner Joe Graham

• Commissioner Steve Highlander

• Commissioner David Sharpe

“I appreciate the support we have and continue to receive from the Hamilton County Commission. Our progress today would not be possible without their support. Today’s tour, along with the second one next week, allows us the opportunity to show the Commission some of the issues we have had, particularly with construction, and how we are working to find creative and fiscally responsible solutions. It also gives us the opportunity to show firsthand some of the major improvements we have and continue to make in order to bring the aged facility up to HCSO standards,” stated Sheriff Austin Garrett.

As previously noted, a second tour will be hosted next Friday for the remaining commissioners who wish to tour the facility.

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