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HCSO Arrest One Juvenile at Urban Air Venue


Hamilton County, TN – On December 21, 2022, an event to curb street violence, sponsored by the City of Chattanooga, was held at the Urban Air venue located at 2020 Gunbarrel Road. The event coordinator, Christopher Newby, made contact with a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputy at the facility who was working an extra job and asked for assistance in shutting down the event. He further requested assistance with stopping any additional people from entering the venue due to the large crowd already in the building. This request was made as concerns were quickly growing after a very large crowd outside the venue (approximately 300-500 people) was turning into a disorder, both verbally and physically. Nearby businesses were also impacted by the crowds.

The HCSO deputy allowed the event coordinator to use the PA system on his patrol unit to address the crowd and ask for those not already in the venue to leave. While attempting to disperse the crowd, individuals were not listening to directives.

Two specific juveniles, ages 14 and 16, were advised several times by the deputy to leave and his commands were ignored. One of the juveniles was then detained by the deputy. While walking the juvenile to the patrol unit, the other juvenile followed the deputy aggressively shouting profanity.

As the juvenile was placed in the vehicle, the deputy turned around to find a Chattanooga Police Officer engaged in a struggle with the other juvenile in question. They deputy observed the juvenile swing his left arm with a closed fist at the Chattanooga Police Officer and ran over to assist. As he approached the disorder, the juvenile was still actively resisting with the Chattanooga Officer at which time the deputy deployed his taser striking the juvenile in the left side/lower back area gaining immediate compliance.

The Chattanooga Police Officer accompanied the juvenile to a local hospital. The HCSO deputy met the officer at the hospital and took custody of the juvenile. After medical review, the juvenile was transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center and booked on the following charges:

- Disorderly Conduct

- Resisting Arrest

- Assault

The other juvenile that was detained at the scene was released to his family.

No further details are available at this time.

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