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HCSO Deputies Denied Access to Venue Hosting School Prom


On Friday night, April 22, two of our School Resource Deputies were hired East Hamilton High School/HCDE to provide security for their prom which was to be held at the Signal event venue located at 1810 Chestnut Street. The hiring and staffing of off-duty deputies is a common practice to ensure the safety of our students at prom and other student activities.

Upon arrival, the two deputies assigned to the event were asked to leave by the staff at the Signal due to them being armed. The deputies were in full HCSO duty uniforms an easily identifiable as sheriff’s deputies. Once again, they were told they would have to leave.

The deputies assigned immediately left the facility and notified their supervisors and the school administration.

“Our School Resource Deputies’ primary function is the safety of our community’s children. Although it is a private business’s decision to not allow firearms on their premises, it is sad and disappointing that uniformed HCSO deputies were denied entry and not able to fulfill their duty, ensuring the safety and security of this event while our children celebrated their prom,” stated Chief Deputy Austin Garrett.

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