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HCSO Reentry Program Officially Launches Work Release Program


HCSO Reentry Program Officially Launches Work Release Program in Partnership with Southern Spear Ironworks for Silverdale Inmates

Hamilton County, TN – Earlier this morning, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Re-Entry Program officially launched its new Work Release Program in partnership with Southern Spear Iron Works located at their fabrication facility at 55 Workman Road.

During this morning’s event, personnel from the HCSO Re-Entry Program and Southern Spear Ironworks highlighted the successes of the initial testing phase of this innovative initiative and how the program will continue to move forward utilizing inmates from the Silverdale Detention Center.

The HCSO Re-Entry Program was created to assist inmates who are incarcerated at the Silverdale Detention Center gain the skills, programming, and resources necessary to successfully integrate back into society. In order to do this, the HCSO Re-Entry Program offers inmates educational programming and classes targeted at reducing recidivism, locating stable housing and employment, educational courses and GED based learning, family support and substance abuse assistance, and mental health related programs. The Re-Entry Program currently has over 100 participants (inmates) and offers educational classes to both men and women.

“I am pleased to see our Work Release Program come to fruition and the positive impact it has already had on improving the lives of the inmates who have successfully graduated the program, been released from custody, and have now secured stable employment,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “The mission of the HCSO Re-Entry Program is important in order to ensure the inmates in our custody receive the tools, resources, and services necessary to become productive citizens upon their release. This includes access to employment with a livable wage and a stable living environment,” he further noted.

The HCSO Re-Entry Program launched the Work Release Program in November 2021 with Southern Spear Ironworks and tested the program with one inmate. Since that time, there have been three additional inmates to complete this program. To date, all four inmates have been released from Silverdale and work fulltime at Southern Spear Ironworks.

During today’s press conference, members of the media learned how the program works, toured the Southern Spear Ironworks facility, and met the first successful applicant and former inmate, Phillip Richard. Phillip’s journey through the program has been one of hope, inspiration, and determination.

A media packet included with this release to help showcase how the program works, which inmates qualify, as well as a link to a video showcasing Phillip Richard’s journey through the Work Release Program from inmate to full-time worker.

Southern Spear Ironworks is the first local business to partner with the HCSO’s Work Release Program. If you are a local business who would like to learn more about what opportunities are available and how you can partner with the HCSO Inmate Programs Project Manager, Scott Michiels at smichiels@hcsheriff.gov.

A link to Phillip Richard’s video can be found by visiting: https://vimeo.com/701634133

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