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Hamilton County Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Team Visits Brown Academy


Hamilton County, TN – Earlier today, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputy Joseph Dangler and Patrol Deputy Keith Hunter, both members of the Hamilton County Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Team, conducted multiple presentations about drone operations to students at Brown Academy School of Innovation.

Today’s presentations centered around the team’s use of various types of drones and how this technology is helping not only law enforcement, but other first responder based operations such as firefighters, EMS, and Emergency Management.

During the presentations, students were able to see several types of drones deployed by the HCSO throughout our operations and observe several of the units fly both indoors and outdoors. Discussions included how the drones were used not only in law enforcement operations, but search and rescue efforts, suspect searches, and scene documentation.

One of the major areas of discussion was how the Hamilton County Unmanned Aerial Systems Team deployed drones to assist with search and recovery efforts as well as scene documentation during last year’s tornadoes.

Altogether, School Resource Deputy Dangler and Patrol Deputy Hunter addressed over 360 students at the Brown Academy.

Special thanks to the students and faculty of Brown Academy School of Innovation for allowing our personnel to visit and share the amazing things we are doing each and every day with UAS technology to serve the citizens of Hamilton County.

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