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HCSO Silverdale Transition Team Tour Construction Progress at Silverdale


Hamilton County, TN – Earlier this morning, Sheriff Jim Hammond, Chief Deputy Austin Garrett, and members of the Silverdale Transition Team joined with KTM personnel to tour the construction progress at the Silverdale Detention Center.

During today’s tour, KTM staff gave the team an overview of how the construction process is currently going with Phase One of the Silverdale Detention Center and the progress that has been made the last few months.

“I am pleased with the progress KTM and their contractors have made on the Phase One expansion project here at Silverdale,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “I know there has been a tremendous amount of effort, planning, and hard work to get us to this point and I look forward to the finished product,” he further noted.

Phase One Expansion is a 20 million dollar capital project designed to expand several key service areas and units critical to the daily efficiency and operation of the Silverdale Detention Center.

Phase One will include a new administrative office unit with offices to support personnel needs, a new public entrance that will allow easier access to the general public, and a new Inmate Intake and Booking Unit where all inmates from Hamilton County will be booked at the Silverdale facility.

Below you will see an architectural rendering of what Phase One will look like once completed in the Summer of 2022.

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