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HCSO Commemorative Book Re-Print – Ordering Open to the Public


Hamilton County, TN – After numerous requests from employees, retirees, and members of the public to purchase a HCSO 200th Anniversary Commemorative Book, we have negotiated with Entourage Yearbooks to secure a modified re-print for those who are interested in ordering a book.

In order for a modified printing run to be completed, a minimum order of (25) books will need to be purchased in advance. The modified book will differ slightly from the original in that it will NOT have the leatherette bound cover. Instead, it will have a printed, hardback cover that has been gloss laminated resembling the original leatherette design. It will resemble a traditional, printed hard back cover like you would find on a typical high school annual. It will still be navy, with gold letters, only printed, not embossed on a leatherette material like the original.

The cost of the book will be $71.00 plus shipping and handling. All sales must be conducted via the link below with Entourage Yearbooks in advance. Once the (25) minimum threshold has been reached, the order will be released for print. If the (25) book minimum is not met within a reasonable amount of time, refunds will be issued.

If you are interested in ordering a book, please visit: https://link.entourageyearbooks.com/YBStore/YearbookStoreMain.asp?yearbook_id=54499 and follow the instructions.

Once again, you must pay for your book directly to Entourage Yearbooks.

Once the first threshold of (25) books has been ordered, we will re-evaluate the need for additional re-prints.

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