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Sheriff Jim Hammond Offers New Details Regarding SRO’s in HCDE Schools


Hamilton County, TN – Earlier this morning, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond offered an update regarding the temporary utilization of School Resource Officers at the Silverdale Detention Center.

In today’s press conference, Sheriff Hammond reiterated the importance of our SRO’s and announced that as of today, (10) SRO’s have returned to their respective schools and (14) remain at the Silverdale Detention Center.

Sheriff Hammond also announced that (2) SRO’s have been hired from other law enforcement agencies and will begin the field training process (8 weeks) as well as other specialized/SRO specific training in the very near future.

“As I have noted several times in previous press conferences and interviews, we are in new and uncharted territory when it comes to public safety employment. The HCSO, like so many law enforcement agencies across our nation, is having an extremely tough time recruiting qualified people who meet the high standards necessary to become a member of the Sheriff’s Office,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “Our agency has strict professional standards and legal requirements that must be met for employment and finding individuals who can meet them is very difficult, especially given the national sentiment towards law enforcement and the dangers they face on a daily basis,” he further noted.

As more personnel are hired at Silverdale, more SRO’s will return to their respective schools. The HCSO enthusiastically welcomes anyone who is interested in working for our agency to visit our website at www.hcsheriff.gov or call our Human Resources Division at 423-209-7000 to find out more information regarding employment opportunities.

No further details are available.

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