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HCSO Officially Announces the Transition of Silverdale


Hamilton County, TN – On Wednesday, December 30th at 6:00 pm, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office officially assumed full operational control and oversight of the Silverdale Detention Center.

Earlier this year, CoreCivic, who has managed the complex for over thirty-five years, announced they would withdraw from their contract on December 30th. In order to prepare for this transition, Sheriff Jim Hammond appointed a Transition Team to be comprised of key HCSO personnel from various divisions and technical disciplines to develop a plan to manage the unprecedented transition.

“This historic transition represents the end of an era as the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office assumes full oversight and operational control of the Silverdale Detention Center,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “For several months, the Transition Team and our Corrections Division have worked to ensure every possible piece of this monumental transition was carefully planned and addressed. We have been presented with many challenges during this process and there is still much work to accomplish. I feel confident we are prepared and have the right personnel in place to move forward,” he further noted.

In addition to the transition, the decision was made by Sheriff Hammond to begin the process to close the aging downtown jail and move the remaining inmates to Silverdale. Closing the downtown jail is a key part of the HCSO’s strategic planning to consolidate our corrections operations and redirect our resources in a more efficient manner. The booking and intake area in the downtown jail will remain temporarily until renovations and upgrades can be completed at Silverdale.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, no formal ceremony was planned to recognize the official transition.

No further details are available at this time.

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