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Repairs Begin to Secure Marble Slab on Hamilton County Jail


Hamilton County, TN – Later tonight, repair crews will begin the process to re-secure the large marble slab that was found to be unstable on October 14, 2020 on the façade of the Hamilton County Jail.

After the issue was found, HCSO maintenance staff, working alongside their partners in Hamilton County General Government, issued an emergency request to secure the loose panel and begin the process to get the issue resolved. The sidewalk located below the loose slab at 6th and Cherry Streets was immediately closed and has remained so since October 14th as a safety precaution.

After the initial inspection, crews located four other locations on the jail façade that needed additional stabilization and maintenance. Throughout tonight and over the weekend, crews will be working to implement additional stabilization to these areas as well as grouting and sealing several other areas of the building in need of repair.

The sidewalk located at 6th and Cherry Streets will remain closed until the work is complete. There may be some temporary delays around the jail also during this time as maintenance work requires. Motorists should avoid this area throughout the weekend.

No further details are available at this time.

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