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HCSO Notified of Potential SCAM


Hamilton County, TN – Earlier this morning, the HCSO was notified by the Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office of a potential scam that involves citizens receiving phone calls from 423-209-7600 which is the primary trunk line for Hamilton County Sessions Court (209-7600). The number is apparently a cloned number which leads people to believe they are receiving an official call from the court.

Allegedly, once the citizen answers the phone, the caller will ask the person a question which will most likely result in a “yes” answer leading Clerk’s Office personnel to believe they are trying to solicit the citizens’ recorded voice approval for scamming purposes.

“Bottom line is the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office is not calling people asking them random questions,” stated Criminal Court Clerk Vince Dean. “We always communicate official court business by mail,” he further noted.

If someone believes they have been contacted by this number or if members of our media have additional questions pertaining to this potential scam, please contact the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office at 423-209-7500.

No further details are available.

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