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HCSO Participates in Local Take Me Home Program


Hamilton County, TN – In an effort to support the health and safety of those in our community with cognitive and developmental disabilities, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has joined with the Chattanooga Police Department and the Chattanooga Autism Center to participate in the Take Me Home Program.

Take Me Home allows family members and legal guardians to file emergency contact information for their loved ones with first responders in the event they become lost or are reported missing. The registry will include a detailed physical description, details about a person’s habits or routine, a photo of the individual, and relative contact information should they be located.

“The Chattanooga Police Department initiated this program and we are glad to join them in this effort to help unite family members who may become lost due to issues such as Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome,” stated Doug Wilson, Captain over the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Crime Analysis and Intelligence Unit. “By having their information on file, it is our hope we can quickly reunite them with their loved ones in their time of need,” her further noted.

The Take Me Home Program is available to any residents in Hamilton County and only takes a few minutes to register. The information contained in the program is secure and will be kept private to ensure a person’s right to privacy.

“Take Me Home is yet another positive step in bridging the gap between those in our community with special needs and our first responders,” stated HCSO Chief Deputy Austin Garrett. “Once registered, should our personnel encounter someone in the county who may be suffering from dementia or autism, or some other form of cognitive disability, the information contained in the Take Me Home registry will assist our personnel in quickly locating an individual’s family and return them home safely,” he further stated.

If you would like to take advantage of this important safety program, please visit takemehometn.org and register your loved one today.

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