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New Video Visitation Measures Implemented at Silverdale


New Video Visitation Measures Implemented at Silverdale Detention Center for Attorney-Client Communication

Hamilton County, TN - In a further attempt to mitigate the exposure of our personnel and the inmates we house from the coronavirus, we are implementing the following temporary video visitation measures at Silverdale Detention Center to safely facilitate attorney-client communication. Silverdale Detention Center does currently offer video visitation for attorney-client communication, but it requires the attorney to physically visit the facility and utilize a video monitor based system.

Effective immediately, in order to allow criminal defense attorneys to speak with their clients without having to physically visit the facility, the HCSO Information Systems Division (IT) has provided IPads to be used by inmates at the facility in order for them to Facetime with their legal counsel.

As we move forward, the HCSO Information Systems Division will work with CoreCivic representatives to implement a long-term accessible video visitation system that can be utilized off-site.

In the meantime, legal representatives who wish to speak with their clients may contact the following CoreCivic personnel during business hours and after-hours for video visitation access.

Request During Business Hours (M-F) 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Contact Bonnie Bush


Weekend and Holidays

Contact: James Deal (Assistant Warden)


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