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HCSO July 4th Holiday Safety Reminder


Hamilton County, TN – In anticipation of the upcoming July 4th festivities, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer the following safety reminders to ensure the citizens of Hamilton County enjoy a safe and meaningful holiday.

The safe discharge of fireworks is allowed for residents who live within the unincorporated areas of Hamilton County. However, if you live in a municipality within Hamilton County, please check with your local City Hall or law enforcement agency to see if fireworks are allowed to be discharged. For example, discharging fireworks is prohibited in the City of Lakesite.

For those with children, please make sure to keep all fireworks and matches in a safe, restricted location away from “little” hands. Never leave small children unattended with fireworks or sparklers.

Avoid allowing children to wave sprinklers near other children and always maintain a safe distance.

Follow manufacturer warning labels on all fireworks. Do not hold fireworks after they have been lit.

Please use fireworks correctly and do not aim fireworks near crowds, homes, or businesses. If you are going to use fireworks, please remember to have a water source and/or a fire extinguisher available should a fire occur.

Always make sure you decorate appropriately and avoid decorating areas where campfires or fireworks will be present.

Firearms are not a suitable or appropriate alternative for fireworks. “Remember, what goes up, must come down…”

Do not allow children to get close to campfires, bonfires, or grills. Never grill indoors or near a tent or vehicle.

If you have pets, especially dogs, please remember to keep them secured in a quiet part of your home/apartment so as to prevent unnecessary nervousness or discomfort. It may also help to leave your radio or TV on so as to drown out unnecessary noise.

For those of you who will be traveling or boating, please remember to obey all traffic/waterway laws and do not operate an automobile or boat under the influence. Please know your local boating laws and never allow children on a boat/kayak without a proper flotation device.

If you or your family should note any unusual or suspicious activity, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Please keep the aforementioned safety reminders in mind as we celebrate the July 4th holiday and on behalf of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, please have a safe and patriotic July 4th Holiday Weekend!

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